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Germination & Grow Chamber Series SD-30/35

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Our company specializes in designing, developing, and producing top-quality air conditioning chambers and environmentally controlled plant growth rooms. Since 2001, we've been refining solutions for precise temperature, humidity, light, pressure, and environmental control in our products.

Our cabins are built using premium components to provide the best equipment for research and testing. They feature advanced lighting technology for superior photo-autotrophic quality, customization for different specifications like color temperature, intensity, colors, and wavelengths. Our LED lights meet IP67 criteria, and all lighting systems are custom-made exclusively for our products. We don't use off-the-shelf systems in our production at ESDE.
Series SD-30/35

Some Benefits:

Ready-to-Use Design: Our equipment is designed for immediate use without the need for installation.

Adaptability: The design is highly adaptable to different future needs, thanks to easily removable and height-adjustable shelves and canopies. These components can be changed to accommodate various light parameters.

Configurable Settings: The equipment offers configurable high/low temperature and humidity settings, along with automatic control, ensuring maximum control with remote notifications.

StainlessSteel Interior: The interior is constructed from stainless steel, providing maximum resistance to corrosion and facilitating easy cleaning.

Multiple Lighting Options: Our equipment supports multiple lighting options, enabling research and monitoring of plant development under various lighting conditions.

    Technical Discription

    We made our machines with passion.


    Grow Chamber: 0 - 200 µmol/m2s (SD-300550 & SD-301100) /LED Germination Chamber: 0 - 100 µmol/m2s (350550 & SD-351100)/ dimmer control


    Out: 693 x 852 x 2.070 (one door) 1.398 x 850 x 2.070 (double door)
    In: 540 X 650 x 1.390 (one door) 2x (540 x 650 x 1.390) (double door)

    Operating Spects

    Lights On/Off: + 15C - + 35°C / + 5C - + 35°C Humidity
    Sensibility/Stability: ± %1 /± %2

    Light Position

    Side lighting (Grow)) and top lighting (Germination)

    Air flow

    Constant 2 m/s across shelves

    Electrical connection

    lPH - AC 230V - ±10% - 50Hz


    Net: 175kg (one Door) and 250kg (double door)


    SD-300550 / SD-301100: 6/12 350550 / SD-351100: 4/8


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