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We have been supplying reliable and efficient seed processing machinery to the global market since 2001.

About Us

Trusted by world-class agriculture companies and organizations.

Seed is the start of all food production. At the very beginning of the food supply chain are seed companies whose work is to breed, produce and distribute seeds of agricultural, horticultural, and ornamental plant species. Esde Machinery is a leading seed expert for seed extraction machines and equipment for sure.

Since 2001

High expectations are the key

We are also self-critical at Esde Machinery. We attach great importance to the quality of our machines. That is why we continuously analyze our processes and adapt where possible.

This is the only way we can guarantee the high-quality machines as you have come to expect from us for more than 20 years. In addition, we are committed to our own R & D department.

We continue to develop new machines and innovate existing machines. Our team consists of professional Bioengineers and Agriculture specialists.

Our Value

Why we are different.

Thanks to our strategic location in Konya, Türkiye, we can provide our customers with the best prices without compromising on quality. Through our strong network and partnerships with over 20 international universities and research centers, we integrate the latest innovations and trends into our machinery.

With our dedicated team of experienced professionals and engineers, we efficiently execute seed-related projects to your complete satisfaction within the shortest possible timeframe. Our delivery times are unmatched, and our outstanding after-sales service ensures the utmost satisfaction of our customers.


Our vision is to lead the evolution of seed processing technology, continuously advancing solutions that maximize crop potential, reduce environmental impact, and drive the future of sustainable agriculture.


Our mission is to cultivate innovation, precision, and sustainability in the seed processing industry, empowering growers worldwide to nurture healthier crops and foster global food security

Esde Machinery

Brands of Esde

We continue to manufacture numerous products under our own brands, which you can explore at your convenience on our website.

In addition, we provide guidance in the field of Plant Tissue Culture Business through our brands, including TissueLab Farm and Perfect Protocols.

Turn-Key Plant Tissue Culture Labs by TissueLab Farm

From initial planning and innovative design to expert supervision and seamless construction, we are your all-inclusive, turnkey solution provider for plant tissue culture facilities.

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