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We have been supplying reliable and efficient seed processing machinery to the global market since 2001.

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Seed extraction machines are the backbone of seed companies, enabling them to efficiently process and provide growers with high-quality seeds, a crucial foundation for successful agriculture.

In the seed industry, the precision and reliability of seed extraction machines are paramount, as they directly influence the genetic integrity and viability of seeds, ensuring consistent crop yields.

Efficient seed extraction machinery not only enhances the operational efficiency of seed companies but also plays a vital role in sustainable agriculture, supporting the production of resilient crops that contribute to food security and environmental conservation.

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Extraction Series

Esde Machinery cooperating for many years with seed companies and deliver also tailor-made solutions.

Esde offers their customers a total package of machines and equipment for all steps of the seed processing process.

Seed Extraction Machine SD-1050

Vaccum Extractor Desk SD-1510

Vertical Fruit Transporter SD-2550/ 2650

Manual Seed Extractor SD-1175

Pulp Transporter

Incubation & Disinfection SD-3010/3110

Company From All Around The World trust on Esde Machinery for awesome quality and fair pricing

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