What we produce.

We have been supplying reliable and efficient seed processing machinery to the global market since 2001.


About Service

Maintenance Plan and Service

In order to minimize any unforeseen interruptions in your production process, we can provide you with a service agreement. This comprehensive agreement encompasses annual preventive maintenance and servicing for the machinery acquired from Esde Machinery. Worn-out components will be replaced, and a thorough inspection of the equipment will be conducted.

When reaching out to our after-sales and service department, kindly ensure that you have the serial numbers of the specific machines you wish to discuss readily available.

What we make


We cooperating for many years with seed companies and deliver also tailor-made solutions.

Esde offers their customers a total package of machines and equipment for all steps of the seed processing process.

Cleaning & Separation

Esde Makine Turkey advises customers on which separator to use. If the separating and cleaning technology is based on size, shape, weight, or colour, we have all available for breeding- and processing stations.

Counting & Packaging

The accuracy of how we fill, count, and pack seeds are not only important for customers as a seed company, but also for customers the growers want to receive what they paid for.


We have all extraction technologies available to save seeds from tomato, pepper varieties, eggplant, cucumber, melon, watermelon fruits crops without damaging them.

Coating & Pelleting

Irregular seed shapes can be made round using pelleting technologies. The customer has all advanced pelleting operations: powders feeding, pan and rotary coaters, calibrating, sizing, and fluidized drying.


Seed priming involves procedures that initiate the germination process before the seeds are planted, resulting in higher germination rates and faster emergence of seedlings.


The drying process is such a critical step in maintaining the potential and viability of your vegetable seeds, that is why customers use our drying solutions.


Customers will run the risk of pathogens and seed-borne diseases attacking their precious seeds. Fortunately, Esde Machinery offers you solutions to sanitize your precious seeds.


It has consistently provided the ideal environment for seeds to flourish, fostering strong and healthy seedlings.
Why Choose Us

Revolutionizing Agriculture: Innovative Seed Processing Solutions

Our relentless pursuit of innovation means you’ll always have access to the latest advancements in seed processing technology. We design and engineer our machines to exceed industry standards, ensuring you stay at the forefront of agricultural practices.

Company From All Around The World trust on Esde Machinery for awesome quality and fair pricing

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