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Vertical Fruit Transporter / SD-2550

Seed Processing Equipment Specialists

Vertical conveyors are specifically utilized to facilitate the continuous transport of fruits from ground level to the machine's working height. The system's effectiveness is enhanced by its unique modular PVC pallet structure and specially designed features, which ensure the homogeneous and efficient transportation of products to the seed extraction machine. This conveyor system is employed either in conjunction with the seed extractor (SD-1050) or for various applications involving the transportation of fruits and vegetables. All components, including the body and parts, are constructed using high-quality stainless steel of 304-grade Cr-Ni stainless material, ensuring durability and longevity.
Additional SD-2650

Fruit Feeding Silo for Pre-Washing & Disinfection

The fruit feeding silo is purposefully designed to carry out pre-washing and disinfection processes. It achieves thorough and uniform cleaning and disinfection of fruits, employing a stainless steel pump to circulate either disinfectant or water.


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