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Vaccum Extractor Desk / SD-1510

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The vacuum seed extractor is designed for gently removing seeds from small quantities of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers without any seed damage. It's adaptable to various vegetables, with the option to connect three different diameter hoses. This extractor is an ideal solution for breeding purposes and is produced in multiples of four, requiring a minimum of four personnel for operation. It ensures seed separation and offers a practical and risk-free solution for breeding. The transparent vacuum jars provide a safe and observable working environment, and the extracted seeds can be conveniently stored in special pouches for easy use.


  • Vacuum adjustable based on the number of personnel.
  • Disassemblable stainless steel sink counters.
  • Individual sink taps for each staff member.
  • Convenient plug-in pneumatic hose connectors.
  • Ergonomic design with the ability to mount four units side by side in a face-to-face configuration.
    Technical Discription

    We made our machines with passion.


    Tomato: 1 staff 1 kg/minute


    100 x 70 x 70 cm/ 1 desk


    Water supply connection: Ø25 mm Drain connection: 50 mm

    Noise emission


    Stainless steel 304 and plastics

    Electrical connection

    180- 240 V (± 5%), 1 phases + 0 and ground, 50 / 60 Hz (o.values available on request) Max. power consumption: 0.75 kW Connection value: 10 A


    It varies depending on the number of desks



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