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SeedGravity Separator / SD-6410

Seeding Success: Innovative Seed Processing Machinery

The Lab Gravity Separator, part of the Esde Machinery line of lab scale equipments, is a collection of high-quality machines designed to meet industrial standards while being perfectly suited for small-batch cleaning tasks in laboratory and sample room settings.

Applications: The Seed Gravity Separator showcases remarkable versatility, making it ideal for various seed types such as vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and more. Its exceptional capabilities render it an indispensable tool for seed laboratories, enabling efficient and precise cleaning and separation of seeds tailored to specific needs.


The machine’s robust construction incorporates a steel body and a grading deck primarily crafted from top-notch laminated wood. To ensure optimal treatment of different products, the deck is covered with carefully selected materials. The worktable is conveniently set at an ergonomic height and is composed of formed steel sheet, with its surface laminated with hard plastic for added durability. The collecting bins are made of aluminum sheet, ensuring long-lasting use. Moreover, the Gravity Separator facilitates easy cleanup, enabling smooth transitions when switching from one product to another.

    Technical Discription

    We made our machines with passion.


    5 kg - 50 kg/ per hour


    11260 x 755 x 1660 mm (LxWxH)

    Noise emission

    ± 85 dB(A) (measured without product)



    Electrostatic painted sheet and profile and aluminum

    Electrical connection

    200- 240 V (± 5%), 1 phases + 0 and ground, 50 / 60 Hz (other values available on request) Max. power consumption: 1,5kW Connection value: 16 A


    Net : ± 220 kg
    With Packaging : ± 260 kg


    2 x Sieves


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