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PrecisionMax Seed Blower / SD-6020

Seeding Success: Innovative Seed Processing Machinery

Achieve Accurate and Repetitive Separations. Maximize productivity with the Continuous Seed Blower. Setting it up is easier compared to a gravity table.
Effectively separates:
• Seeds and grains of varying densities.
• Seeds extracted from cavities and straw.
• Soil particles separated from grass seeds.
• A wide variety of species, from large to small seeds and grains.


  • Constructed with robust, crack-resistant Polycarbonate tubing, ensuring years of trouble-free service. No more broken Acrylic tubes!
  • Stepless electronic fan speed control for precise separations.
  • Air velocity can be adjusted from 0.5 to 18.0 meters per second.
  • Utilizes a Vibrating Feeder for continuous operation.

Typical Applications:

  • Growers reserve denser and more viable seeds for reproduction.
  • Vegetable & flower seed growers can process batches of up to 100 kg.
    Technical Discription

    We made our machines with passion.


    100 kg/ h


    1595 x 755 x 2680 mm (LxWxH)

    Noise emission

    ± 85 dB(A) (measured without product)



    Electrostatic painted sheet and profile and aluminum

    Electrical connection

    200- 240 V (± 5%), 1 phases + 0 and ground, 50/ 60 Hz (other values available on request) Max. power consumption: 1,1 kW Connection value: 10 A


    Net : ± 140 kg Packaged : ± 170kg


    2 bowls


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