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Manual Seed Extractor / SD-1175

Effortless Maintenance: Bolt Attachment for Quick Removal

It employs compressed air to move seeds into storage, reducing grain moisture by 20% and removing dirt for a cleaner product, along with a 40% shorter drying time. Thanks to strengthened Batur pivots, the machine is more durable, preventing breaks and failures. Increasing the Batur reservoir diameter boosts the machine's capacity. Bolt attachment (instead of welding) for the first and second cleaning tambours facilitates easy removal and installation. When processing watermelons, melons, or small-grain pumpkins, replacing the tambour sifter with bolts is effortless.


  • Pumpkins that have been removed from their stalks should be stored for 8-10 days; they should not be kept waiting any longer.
  • During the initial operation, ensure that the tambour sieves are generously lubricated with sunflower oil, and gradually initiate the shaft’s movement.
  • Subsequent start-ups only require soaking in water.
  • The machine lubricates itself with pumpkin while in operation; therefore, it should not be run idle without pumpkin material.
  • While the machine is running, it is crucial to feed the pumpkin material into it at a sufficient rate.
    Technical Discription

    We made our machines with passion.


    600 - 700 kg seed/ hour

    Grain separation measurement

    Diameter: 440 mm Length: 2400 mm

    Capacity (in wetland / daily)

    30.000 - 40.000 m2

    Track wight:

    2070 mm


    Powder coated

    Total size

    Length: 4400 mm
    Operation: Wight 2630 mm
    High: 3680 mm

    Total weight (empty)

    ± 1320 kg

    Optional: Electric motor transmission

    380 - 415 V (± 5%), 3 phases + 0 and ground,
    50 / 60 Hz (o. values available on request)
    Max. power consumption: 9 kW
    Connection value: 32 A (slow blow)


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