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Lab Scale Seed Centrifuge SD-4010

Seeding Success: Innovative Seed Processing Machinery

This machine is specifically designed for small seed batches, such as those used in seed breeding and testing. It is versatile and can accommodate nearly all types of seeds and various seed treatment processes. For instance, it is employed for centrifugation (spin drying) and rinsing of moist seeds, including those that have been extracted, disinfected, impregnated, or prepared. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for utilization in research and development (R&D) facilities.


  • The machine’s surfaces in contact with water are constructed from polypropylene PVC.
  • The interior drum of the machine is crafted from CR-Ni 304 stainless steel material.
  • The machine’s speed is adjustable.
  • A safety switch is integrated into the machine cover, and it will not operate unless securely closed.
  • The working time can be adjusted within a range of 10 seconds to 10 minutes, and the machine automatically stops when the set time elapses.
  • The machine is positioned on a sturdy carafe with rubber feet that prevent vibration, making it suitable for countertop use.
    Technical Discription

    We made our machines with passion.


    Max. 2 kg of wet seeds in a seed drum, lab centrifuge variable in speed between 200 and 700 rpm.


    745 x480 x 485 mm (LxWxH)


    Drain connection 32 mm

    Noise emission

    ± 55 dB(A) (measured without product)


    Electrostatic paint and plastic

    Electrical connection

    200 - 240 V (± 5%), 1 phases + 0 and ground, 50/ 60 Hz (other values available on request) Max. power consumption: 2.2 kW Connection value: 16 A


    Net : ± 50 kg and with packaging ± 60 kg




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