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Disinfection Unit / SD-10010

Seeding Success: Innovative Seed Processing Machinery

Our cutting-edge seed disinfection unit empowers you to treat seeds with various liquid solutions, shielding them from bacterial infections and seed-borne diseases. Crafted predominantly from synthetic materials, this unit exhibits remarkable resistance to a wide array of chemicals, ensuring its longevity even when exposed to chemical agents. The unit features two distinct compartments, each equipped with a separate lid, meticulously designed to prevent any splashing of liquids during operation. Additionally, every flap within the unit can be effortlessly connected to a dedicated air exhaust system, guaranteeing the efficient and proper ventilation of gases generated during the disinfection process.


  • The spring cover ensures user-friendly operation.
  • Seeds are consistently and reproducibly processed with uniform results.
  • Each compartment significantly augments the total capacity to 41 liters per drum (2 drums in total).
  • Drums containing the seeds can be seamlessly used in subsequent steps without direct contact with the seeds.
    Technical Discription

    We made our machines with passion.


    2 Basket with each 41 L


    1190 x 1015 x 875 mm (LxWxH)


    Water connection 22 mm
    Drain connection 50 mm

    Noise emission

    ± 65 dB(A) (measured without product)


    Stainless steel 304 and plastics

    Electrical connection

    380 - 415 V (± 5%), 3 phases + 0 and ground, 50/ 60 Hz (other values available on request) Max. power consumption: 2.2 kW Connection value: 16 A


    Net: ± 330 kg
    With packaging ± 380 kg


    ,2 x Basket


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